Bradley Moreland and Luis Miller found love while doing what they love. The pair met in 2012 while working as stylists at the same New York City hair salon. Despite their best efforts to keep their relationship a secret from their colleagues, Moreland and Miller’s connection was obvious. After a few months of dating, they went public with their relationship. On April 28, 2014, Moreland surprised Miller, during a dinner date with two of their best friends. Although it was his birthday, Moreland wanted to gift Miller with something special: an engagement ring. “I completely surprised him,” Moreland said. “I did it on my birthday because I knew he wouldn’t expect it.” Moreland said there was a telltale sign it was the perfect day for a proposal. “It just so happened that the day of my birthday, I found the ring that I knew fit Luis’ big personality,” Moreland said. Miller accepted Moreland’s proposal with complete confidence it would be the best decision he would ever make. “Since I met Bradley, my life has been filled with so much joy and happiness,” Miller said. Both men believe they are each other’s perfect complement. “I’m OCD (obsessive compulsive),” Moreland said. “Luis grabs life by the horns and he messes me up a bit, which I need because sometimes, I’m a little too organized.” Among the first people to congratulate them on their engagement was Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi of MTV’s “Jersey Shire” fame — one of their longtime clients.


“Nicole immediately texted us and she said, ‘I want to marry you guys,’ ” Moreland said. “She was one of the first people who knew about our relationship.” Polizzi wasn’t joking either.